Jeffrey Mziray


Jeffrey Mziray


I was raised in a household with a father in Real Estate and have worked in the industry for over 15 years. During my tenure I have both experienced and observed the challenges associated with the industry failing to meaningfully leverage technology to make Real Estate transactions more efficient. Today, I am a data driven executive with a track record of successfully commercializing and productizing R&D activities geared toward solving some of these problems.

I crave truly understanding, learning, and pursuing long lasting solutions that build value; whether I am working on a middleware algorithm for an Enterprise client, brainstorming UX philosophy or having a parenting conversation with my wife. My leadership style is to the point; I encourage accountability, share context and deeply value a cross disciplinary perspective towards problem solving.

As the Co-founding CEO of DigiRealty Technologies I have led the company's transition from a pre revenue start-up to a high growth business unit with a strong foundation. The lessons I have learnt building the company have left me cognizant of how complicated it can be to simplify long standing industry workflows and bring ideas to market.

DigiRealty Technologies is commercializing V3 solutions that involve advanced operating systems, has in market products, great clients, and is packed with industry context. If you are a passionate creator looking to make an impact in the Real Estate industry, I would love to talk to you.

Be determined and pursue with passion.

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