Jessica Spiegel

Jessica Spiegel

Jessica Spiegel


As the Operations Director at Digi, I hold a key role in spearheading the development and implementation of internal strategies, tracking staffing requirements, and ensuring seamless communication with all team members as we scale our operations. Our team is passionate about creating innovative products to revolutionize the real estate buying, selling, and leasing process.

As a dedicated professional, I take pride in being the go-to person for everyone in the team when they need to accomplish a task. My organizational skills enable me to make everyone’s life easier, and I derive immense satisfaction from alleviating my colleagues’ workload by offering my support in any way I can. Trust and dependability are critical to growing a business, and I am committed to embodying both values.

During my leisure time, I enjoy trying out new recipes, snowboarding during winters, playing golf in summers, reading the latest murder mystery novels, or playing bananagrams with friends and family.

At Digi, we are constantly on the lookout for exceptional talents who are poised to become leaders in the real estate technology industry. If you are one such individual, I am always open to conversations over coffee, and I welcome you to reach out to me.

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