Ying Qiu


Ying Qiu


Ying joined the Digi Team full-time in her final month of completing a Master’s Degree in Applied Science specializing in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ottawa University and has been here ever since. With a 3.74 GPA Ying qualifies to be referred to as our in-house genius – don’t tell William.  As part of her studies, Ying became passionate about automation and machine learning. Some projects she has worked on focused on:

  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality

As part of Williams engineering team, Ying works alongside Jeff and Will on sussing out the required data points that combine to create advanced specifications surrounding topics such as value automation, lead routing systems, high-value machine text and advanced data recognition – to name a few subjects we can talk about. We all become smarter with Yings on the team.

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